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This is Freddie, my daughters lovely little dog. He is a boy so he gets on very well with our Shadow…

Today Wendy, Kristen and I walked with our dogs around Cannock Chase. Halfway along our walk we stop at the cafe as usual, we get a drink and Shadow and Freddie get a small tub of sausage flavour ice cream. Shadow ended up eating both as Freddie did not like his at all.


Mmm brain freeze…

Even after the long walk over Cannock Chase, the two dogs just weren’t exhausted enough so they had to play fight for an hour in the garden.


Evil Freddie


Shadow needed the odd breather


Although Freddie would submit on occasion


It has been a lovely day to see my daughter again.

About 30 Mins after we end up with our little the garden looking like this


Thunderstorm Flooding

There was a thunderstorm  last night, apparently, but Wendy and I slept through it! At least we didn’t miss this one.

P.S. I think my daughter’s dog Freddie, looks very similar to Rachel’s dog here.