Being single again for the first time in eighteen years feels weird!
Don’t know what the future brings, am confused as to why I have done this, but, I think it’s something I need to do.

Mixture of intrepidation, excitement, worry, despair, list goes on…..

Went to visit Teresa and Kristen today. Was ok I suppose, Kristen doesn’t seem that bothered. She spent the entire time apart from dinner on the computer. Come to think of it, so did I. Maybe that tells me this is the right direction to go…..

Time now is 12:08 am, watching American Dad. Drinking tea…

Need to find somewhere to live. This Caravan is cosy but not a home. Wendy mentioned a few weeks ago about flat/house sharing, I laughed, but only for the reason that it would cause a load of grief. would be practical solution for both of us though.