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This is where we live

Went for a walk after work today, as we had a bit of decent weather for a change. It has been raining almost non stop for about two months now. Yesterday (Sunday), we went for a walk up strawberry lane then turned right at the old canal.

Well today we turned left, yesterday’s photo’s I will post tomorrow, but for now I will post todays… if it makes sense.

The flowers around here are beautiful like these Forget-Me-Not that grow everywhere

notice the one on the left has a white centre, whereas the others are yellow.

I expect these are in abundance all over the world though, the Dandelion

Although I do like the vivid yellow before they have gone to seed

The canal walk is along a disused canal waterway which was completed in 1798 to serve the coal and clay mining in the area.

It finally closed in 1954 after 156 years of use. Nowadays it is a bit silted up

The entire photograph above used to be water and the trees are loving this area.

This fairly young oak tree sits on top of a wall as you can see in the picture below this one

There is an old abandoned farmhouse close to where we live

Walking back to our house now… will post more tomorrow Bye!

The road home