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Friday evening supper in the garden with Wendy, awesome!

After a hard day delivering parcels, it’s just what is needed.

A glass of White Zinfandel and a Bud for me, this was about 7pm and the temperature was about 26°C/79°F. The garden gets all the sun from about 11am until dusk, which is ok until the sun is at such a low angle that it’s blinding.

As you can see from photo, hat is needed to eat, or could have just turned the bench around.

Our cat ‘Mischief’ is really enjoying the garden, especially the flying insects. She is particularly fond of honey bees. She is gorgeous, 9 months old now and she really does deserve the name Mischief.

Here she is coming out from behind the composting bin and below posing for a closeup

After supper, as usual I couldn’t resist getting the camera and photographing the garden plants, again!

Red/Violet Aquilegia and some blue ones below.

We also have this growing in the garden, but we don’t know what it is yet, any ideas?

We have quite a few Buttercups in the garden, here is a closeup of one

Yes a nice evening was had with my darling Wendy.