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Wendy’s daughter Lauren came for a walk with us the other day

We took her along our usual walk along the old canal as she has never been before, although Wendy and I walk this way quite a lot

But on this occasion we came across a field with bullocks in and they came to say hello

This one below is a beautiful colour

Lauren enjoyed saying hello

This field is right next to the canal towpath, so it was pretty easy to get close. The longer we were there the more young bulls came over to investigate. One by one they came, the first few were quite nervous, but as the number grew they became more bold.

Lauren was surprised how rough a cow’s tongue was.

Alas we had to move on as it was late in the evening so we said goodbye to them

We left the canal walk and started to walk along the road back home when we came across some sheep in a field where there was only one black sheep.

and in the next field, a foal with its mother

Really hairy chin though

So we walked back along the road towards our home. Along the way on this beautiful evening, we heard a local rock band practicing . They were really really good, my camera was put away so I couldn’t take any photographs, apart from the fact they were in a building.

We thoroughly enjoyed the walk and arrived home just as the sun was setting

This weekend is our Queens Diamond Jubilee. Celebrating the 60 years she has been Queen.

So the next couple of posts will most probably be about the four days of celebrations our entire country will be participating in.

As an added bonus I have a week off work!