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Wendy’s cousin Gemma finally got married to Andrew yesterday, after 11 years of putting it off…

The venue was at the Coach House of Delbury Hall,in the village of Diddlebury, Shropshire, England.

Delbury was built in 1753 by the Hiorns brothers of Warwick. Lucinda and Patrick Wrigley are the current owners of this beautifully restored Georgian Mansion.

The wedding was fairly easy to get to as the venue was especially signposted..

At the Entrance to the Coaching House Wedding Venue with signpost!

Having picked up Wendy’s mother, we set out to collect Nannan from Wolverhampton. After about an hour choosing an outfit for her, doing hair, locking doors, cups of tea, we set off for Diddlesbury. The journey took about an 45 minutes which was pleasant except the car heater is stuck in the hot setting!

Photo right is Wendy and her cousin Gemma’s Grandmother (Nannan), who is 89 years old.

(I was ordered to take this photograph by Nannan)

Ushers Mode Of Transport

The Ushers for the wedding arrived in an unusual mode of transport, which we discovered on walking through the archway of the coach house…

Which was awesome!

I don’t think it was a serving fire tender, nevertheless it looked the part and i’m sure they loved it.

Stairs to ceremony area

We had arrived a little early so while waiting i snapped a few pictures of the venue.The Coach House is on two levels, the wedding ceremony is held upstairs and the wedding breakfast is held downstairs.

Wedding Breakfast Area

Martini Glass

Table centrepieces were gigantic upside down Martini glasses with a display of flowers on the upturned base.

Very simple and elegant.

The tables were named after Shropshire hills and your name was written on a stone (that looked like it had been chosen specifically to fit the length of your name), you picked up your stone, looked up you name on the board and placed it on the appropriate table.

So much more than just having your name on a card on the table as it’s also something you get to keep as a reminder of a wonderful day.

The actual wedding ceremony itself was quite short, about 15-20 minutes altogether, we didn’t take any photographs during the vows so here is the happy couple posing for photo’s just after signing the marriage certificate.

The guests had just gone downstairs to start mingling while a HUGE amount of photographs were taken.


A lot of guests we obviously didn’t know but I knew Wendy, her mother Gillian, Gemma, her mother Linda, her Father Les, Wendy and Gemma’s Grandmother (Nannan) and Gregory ( Wendy’s Brother) his girlfriend Abbi, and their daughter Evie.

They (Andrew & Gemma), had their family, old neighbours from when they lived in derby, old university friends, even a friend of Gemma’s  had flown over from South Africa to be here for the wedding.

So we started to walk around to the front of the hall for the first of many many MANY photo’s they had taken.

I didn’t get the name of the photographers they used but there were at least three professionals there

The sun had managed to come out for the photo’s, which was great!

Just before Confetti

I just about managed to capture the confetti (rose petals) being thrown over the happy couple..

Then it was time for a Pimm’s and more photo’s on the lawn

Outside you could play Croquet if you really wanted to, although i don’t think one of the bridesmaid’s had quite gotten the hang of it

The Wedding Breakfast was very nice, consisting of Ludlow sausage, which i think at least one  was mustard and garlic. Spicy chicken, Couscous, Beetroot with pecans, potato salad. For dessert there was Eton Mess, Deep Lemon Flan and Raspberry & Pecan Tart.

The wedding cake was very cool

My Darling wendy

And Finally Catherine who had travelled all the way from South Africa to be here…